Hi, I’m Dawn Rodger a British figurative and landscape artist, educated in London and Australia and now based in a studio by the Taw Estuary in North Devon, UK.

My artworks are a reflection of my preoccupations with light, colour, and symbolism. Through figurative and landscape art, I aim to capture the essence of emotions, relationships, and the passage of time. The use of texture and multiple layers of oil paint glazes creates a captivating depth and luminosity, infusing the viewer with a sense of calm contemplation.

I select subject matter that holds personal significance, with threads and folds of fabrics representing thoughts and emotions, animals symbolizing friends and loved ones, beaches marking the space between the conscious world and unconsciousness, and stars and circles implying history, chronology, and time. The scenes I am drawn to are those that evoke a sense of connection and contemplation, where the natural world intersects with human experience.

My inspiration comes from the beauty and complexity of the world around me, as well as the thoughts and emotions that I seek to convey through my art. Each painting is a unique exploration of these themes, brought to life through my distinctive technique and attention to detail. Through my art, I hope to invite viewers to pause, reflect, and find moments of quiet beauty and meaning in their own lives.

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