Autumnal Spirits


Oil on canvas 32x32in (81 x 81 x 2cm)

Woodlands in Autumn are magical and atmospheric spaces. There is a crispness in the air and I love the sumptuous colours of the leaves as they lose their chlorophyll and transform from shades of green to russets and golds, and particularly here in Devon, take on tinges of violet. The gentle rustling of the wind through the trees creates a peaceful soundtrack that drowns out the worries of the world. Deer and the other denizens of the wood appear as fleeting apparitions as they prepare for harsher weather. Autumnal Spirits is a painting that attempts to capture the colours and atmosphere of such places and was made using numerous layers of highly pigmented oil paint on a hand stretched and triple primed canvas.

This painting is ready to hang, as it has been painted on the sides of the canvas and varnished to protect the paint surface. It is signed on the front, and a catalogued certificate of authenticity is attached to the reverse. For safe delivery, the artwork will be carefully packaged and shipped fully insured via a tracked courier.