The Edge of the Tide


Oil on canvas 23.6 x 19.7in (60 x 50 x 2cm)

The Edge of the Tide is a coastal landscape painting that captures the wild windswept beauty of the North Devon coast. I use high quality oil paints on hand stretched and primed canvas to depict a tranquil scene, with a vast, open sky in soft, pastel colours transitioning to a calm sea rendered in darker shades of blue. The foreground showcases the wet sand with rhythmic, angular brushstrokes that convey its reflective quality, while the interchange of light and shadow creates a feeling of depth and motion. The overall effect of the artwork is soothing and immerses the viewer in a moment of natural coastal beauty.

This picture has been painted on the sides so it is ready to hang without a frame if you prefer. A coat of varnish has been applied to protect the paint surface. The work is signed on the front. An catalogued certificate of authenticity is attached to the reverse.