Charms and Blues


Oil on canvas 11.8 x 9.4in (30 x 24 x 2cm)

"Charms and Blues" is a captivating portrait painting that exudes a sense of calm and introspection. The subject's serene expression is depicted with striking detail, from the subtle skin tones to the expressive eyes that draw the viewer in. The addition of a peacock feather earring introduces vibrant greens and blues, adding a pop of colour to the composition. The flowing hair and solid blue background create a sense of movement and contrast, allowing the figure to stand out. Overall, this artwork captures a unique blend of emotional subtlety and thoughtful portrayal.

This picture has been painted on the sides so it is ready to hang without a frame if you prefer. A coat of varnish has been applied to protect the paint surface. The work is signed on the front. An indexed certificate of authenticity is attached to the reverse of the painting.