Whales and Wanderers


Oil on 2 canvases 36x52in (91.4 x 132 x 2cm)
Whales and Wanderers is a captivating diptych that invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of marine life, human presence, and the peaceful ambiance of the natural environment. The use of various shades of blue creates a sense of vastness, whether it be in an oceanic or celestial setting. The left panel portrays a serene scene of two whales - a mother and her calf, peacefully floating in their element. The right panel presents a small wooden rowboat with a lone occupant, adding a human element to the otherwise natural scene. The juxtaposition of the two canvases challenges viewers to reflect on the relationship between humanity and the immensity of nature. This artwork prompts thoughtful contemplation and reflection on our place in the natural world.


The picture has been painted using high quality oil paints on two stretched canvases. The two parts of the artwork can be hung closely together (as in the photographs), with a gap between them, or even on separate sides of a doorway depending on the aesthetics of your home's interior. The painting continues around the sides of the canvases and they come with appropriate fixings ready to hang straight onto your wall. Each canvas measures 66 x 91.4 x 2cm.

A coat of varnish has been applied to protect the painted surface from dust and UV light. The work is signed on the front and a catalogued certificates of authenticity are attached to the back. It will be carefully packaged and sent fully insured via a tracked courier.