Whispering Skies


Pastel on Pastelmat card 8 x 6in (20 x 15cm)

Whispering Skies is an 8 x 6 inch pastel artwork on Pastelmat. This serene landscape painting features soft and dreamy colours blending into one another, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The simple composition divides the image into sky, horizon, and water, with horizontal bands of colour. The sky is filled with light blue shades and gentle clouds tinged with orange and yellow, reflecting the warmth of the sun. The thin dark blue line indicates the horizon, separating the sky from the still water below. The reflection in the water mimics the colours of the sky and horizon, with subtle purple tones near the bottom edge. The focus is on capturing the overall mood rather than intricate details, highlighting the quiet beauty of nature through the harmonious blending of colours and the play of light.

The artwork is signed on the front and a catalogued certificate of authenticity is attached to the back. The drawing will be carefully packaged and dispatched quickly. I use a tracked and fully insured courier service (usually DHL or UPS).

It is a standard size and sold unframed allowing you to select a frame of your choosing easily and economically.