The Smell of Attar


Oil on canvas 28 x 26in (71 x 66 x 2cm)

‘The Smell of Attar’ is a gently surreal and intriguing oil painting on canvas featuring a profile view of a woman with her eyes closed, surrounded by and vanishing into a cascade of leaves and petals. She is both ephemeral and elemental. The whimsical background of blue shapes echoes the leaves and creates a sense of movement and unity with nature, conveying tranquility and harmony. The title comes from a few lines of prose poetry by an Australian songwriter that have been rolling around in my head for a while:

Big dreamwind blowing down Miracle street tonight. It brings with it unwanted change and the smell of attar. - Earthed, Steve Kilbey

This picture has been painted on the sides so it is ready to hang without needing a frame. A coat of varnish has been applied to protect the paint surface from dust and UV light. The work is signed on the front. A catalogued certificate of authenticity is attached to the reverse. The artwork will be carefully packaged and sent fully insured via a tracked courier.